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Our 4-6 berth houseboats are all very similar in layout, however each one offers something slightly different which means that you can choose the one that suits your crew best, or that you have less chance of missing out on this size if your dates are restricted.

Liba Liba 14

Liba Liba 14 is a lovely small houseboat perfect for a family of 4, or two couples. Liba 14 has two double bedrooms and a pull down bed in the lounge area if needed. Liba 14 has a large spacious front deck perfect for outdoor living.

Liba Liba 20

Liba Liba 20 is the roomiest of our 4-6 berths offering plenty of extra space within the kitchen and bedrooms. Liba 20 offers a pull down bed in the wheelhouse giving the option of sleeping two extra people outside the 2 double bedrooms.

Liba Liba 16

Liba Liba 16 has two double rooms with the option of sleeping 6, having a pull down double bed in the lounge area. Liba 16 has a large front deck and is well appointed on the interior.

Liba Liba 27

Liba 27 has two double bedrooms and a third bunk room. Liba 27 also offers a large front deck for the only way you want to spend the bulk of your houseboat holiday...outside!